Things to Know While Selecting the Right Memory Foam Mattress

There can be ‘N’ number of causes that are responsible for back pain, starting from lack in exercise, posture issues, overexertion, occupational hazard, sleeping positions to mattresses. Mattresses matter a great deal in back pain. Why? It’s simple, because every individual spends one third of their day sleeping and obviously it’s on a mattress that you sleep. So, deep consideration of the mattress that you sleep on is absolutely relevant and is not an investment that you would want to go to waste. Mattresses have a noticeable effect on the body without you not knowing while you are asleep. Currently the Nectar Bed Reviews are at a hype because it is built completely with memory foam that works brilliantly to relieve back and joint pains.

Know the science!

The decompression of the spinal column and giving rest to back of the neck helps resolve the daytime tense. Two major factors aggravate and also contribute to the cause of back pain. One is, the unsupported lower back that makes the muscle remain tense and the other is obstructed decompression as result wrong positions disrupting the spinal alignment. You can go through the Nectar Bed Reviews to know how memory mattress unlike soft or hard mattress helps you maintain the natural spine alignment.

Why would you go for Memory Foam material?

The major thing that differentiates memory foam mattresses from the rest is its “visco-elastic” property.  The material reacts in a very different manner. With this property this material contours your body with the help of this viscous trait in response to the heat and weight. The term elastic is in reference to its ability to return back to the original shape as and when the pressure is taken off. You no longer have to adjust; the memory foam mattress will do it for you. Speaking of the lower back support and relaxed muscle, memory foam mattress is an ace with full-body contouring.

Unlike other traditional mattress options, in case of this new-technology memory foam mattress you needn’t take sleeping position as one of the considerations while buying the mattress. This is simply because memory foam full-body contouring makes it the best choice for all kinds of sleepers. Almost all sleepers except side sleepers might just need memory foam layers that are slightly thicker in the mattress. This is important to at least cushion the shoulders and hips.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Your body shape. You have to ensure that actual memory foam density is enough to contour you. Ideal depth is 3-4 inches whereas large people require 5-6 inches and petite people need 2-3 inches.
  • Professional Sleep researches and studies have concluded that medium-firm mattresses work best in case of relieving pain.
  • For lasting support from the mattress look for how dense the mattress is. Both for pressure relieve and ultimate back support 4.0 to 5.5 lbs which is the medium range dense, is ideal. Remember, if it’s too dense, excessive firmness might become an issue.

Memory foam and adjustable bed gels well and this combination also works for back pain relief.

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